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ردیاب و دزدگیر پیود

Piod Gadget And Application  Capabilities
For Drivers

According to the information it gets from the car's ECU, Piud Smart Diag can notify the user of its problems even before the complete failure. To achieve this goal, all the error codes of different cars in the world have been collected along with their translation and the causes of each occurrence. As soon as the Pioud gadget receives the first indication from the sensors that there is an error or problem in the car, it analyzes them. The results of these analyzes including the problems that have arisen, their causes and how to fix each of them are conveyed to the user in simple language.

Receive and check error codes even before the check light turns on
Translating the error and presenting it in simple language
Providing the causes of errors and ways to fix each one

With this feature, you will not only be informed about this situation by playing the sound of the car starting in the application, but you can turn off the car through the Internet and you can turn off your car from any distance. After receiving the command to turn off the car by the user, the Piud smart gadget cuts off the fuel supply to the engine and turns it off 15 seconds after the first stop. The car will not turn on after it is turned off and until the command is canceled by the user.

A correct definition of the common term burglar alarm
The comfort of the user's imagination from the fact that the car cannot be stolen
Eliminating the concern of the user's distance with the car

The periodic service feature of Piud receives information about car consumables from the user. This information is combined with the data that Piud receives from various inputs that affect the operation and useful life of these consumables. Piud's artificial intelligence analyzes this information and data. The user will understand the result of using modern technology and the intelligence of the device in a direct and concrete way in reducing the maintenance costs of the car.

Increasing the useful life of cars and consumables
Dramatically reducing the cost of car maintenance
Optimizing and personalizing periodic services based on the behavior and needs of each user

Being aware of the information of traveled routes and their details is one of the services that Piud monitoring provides to the user. The information obtained from monitoring the routes and details such as how to drive, busy roads, amount of traffic, speed, etc. are provided to the smart core of Piud for further and more accurate analysis. Piud uses this information both to provide the service to the user and by using them, it becomes more accurate, more personalized and so-called more calibrated.

Real-time vehicle monitoring based on geographic location and user behavior
Store and provide information and details to the user
Receiving, analyzing and combining the data obtained with artificial intelligence

Piorobot is the smart core of Piod gadget and its unique feature. Intelligence that is learning, collecting information and increasing its accuracy and productivity from the moment it starts working and interacting with the user. In addition to personalizing and improving the communication of the gadget with the user through the analysis of information and collected data, piorobot is also considered a communication hub between other features of the device. This intelligent robot is learning every second, improving performance based on user behavior and being calibrated, and these factors make it a reliable pole for the user.

Personalization and optimization of services provided by artificial intelligence
Continuous learning and calibration based on user behavior
Smart and appropriate interaction with the user and according to his needs

Advantages of developing connected cars
for …

Increasing road safety by improving bad habits and encouraging good driving habits based on social/economic incentives, based on information received from how drivers drive and artificial intelligence analysis.

Transforming highways into connected highways due to the capabilities of connected cars (creating digital signs connected to the base of connected cars and applying floating rules)

Intelligent and autonomous signs and guidance devices that can make agile decisions and send warnings to drivers according to the traffic volume, weather conditions or headquarters rules.

Changing the rules of the roads and roads and informing the drivers, taking into account the conditions of the roads, such as slippery conditions, traffic, the presence of high-risk drivers on the roads , ...

Smart traffic control with the help of smart cars.

Monitoring and analysis of natural road complications and physical conditions of roads on driving habits in different weather conditions and making effective and immediate decisions.

Collecting survey tolls online, which eliminates dependence on expensive gate structures and will lead to adjustment of toll rates and more use of highways.

Calculation of tolls according to the movement of each vehicle on each road or part of the main road, which leads to more fair toll collection.

Using data for analysis and innovation in road construction and maintenance.

                Example: Determining the wear and tear of traffic markings based on dangerous driving behaviors at intersections and crossings.

Facilitating the estimation of road share in accidents.

The possibility of developing the modern concept of "Smart Road"

                Example: Communicating the percentage of slippery surface by the information obtained from connected cars and applying warnings on smart boards.

One of the important factors in determining whether intercity roads and roads are dangerous, regardless of the physical condition of the road, is the presence rate of drivers with dangerous history on that road at any moment. This issue will be monitored online by relying on connected cars, and the analysis of driving behavior by artificial intelligence models.

The technology of connected cars provides the possibility of reducing road casualties due to quick notification to emergency centers during accidents. Also, by analyzing accident information, it will be possible to make decisions to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Vehicles equipped with eCall automatically connect to emergency services when needed and locate the vehicle in the event of a serious accident. The use of eCall technology helps insurers reduce the risk of high payouts for accident and medical claims, as incidents are handled faster, thereby allowing customers to receive the treatment or assistance they need faster, and of all More importantly, road casualties will be reduced significantly.

Connected cars have data and capabilities that can help insurers develop precise pricing strategies based on consumer driving behavior. Data collected by connected cars can also help insurers streamline the claims process and save money.

Avoid paying damages to fake accidents .

Car insurance and car passengers according to intelligent analysis of driving behavior .

Survey insurances, bundle insurances and setting the insurance price according to the driver's driving points.

Car repair insurances according to the level of care of the car and the occurrence of breakdowns for the car

The existence of a car black box to investigate accidents and pay damages.

By analyzing statistical and online information from connected cars, and analyzing accident information, driving type, car behavior in different conditions, level of assistance, and planning to provide various types of insurance services, more diverse and economical insurances can be offered to customers.

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns of cars often do not happen all at once. Knowing about the history of car events, diagnosing car problems before an error occurs can help drivers in correct troubleshooting, take timely action to solve the problem, and also prevent large repair costs, and this is a help to the economy of families and companies.
  • Creating an index to distinguish good and bad driving habits can help drivers to correct their dangerous habits or encourage good habits. The concept of Score or driving points can be provided by connected cars. And it is used to receive all kinds of smart services. Piodap company is developing artificial intelligence, which has the ability to analyze the behavior of drivers and automatically gives points to the type of driving of people in each trip.
  • Reducing the driver's dependence on car mechanics during trips, at least in terms of momentary and electronic problems Improving the communication between the driver and the mechanic with the help of cloud technologies. Reducing car time wastage in repair shops due to the facilities that connected cars create in sharing useful information and reports.
  • Remote control and various services based on it is the platform that connected cars provide for the driver.
  • It seems that cities are getting smarter faster than cars. Using the services and facilities of a smart city, such as finding suitable parking near a shopping center or predicting the best and safest time to start an out-of-town trip according to the volume of traffic or predicting the presence of drivers with a history of dangerous driving on the roads. It is one of the advantages of using connected cars, which will be possible with the development of artificial intelligence for automatic analysis of driving behavior.
  • Imagine, your consultant in the insurance company will contact you as soon as the accident occurs and, in addition to automatically collecting real-time information, facilitate the collection of insurance obligations.

And …

The possibility of Smart automotive after-sales services:

Establishing automatic connection of the car with the car manufacturer's service center and automatic checking of car problems

Sending reports to the service center about the parts needed by the cars in different time frames, in the future

Intelligent control of periodic car services and providing health reports to the driver and the service center, as well as automatic summoning of cars that are due for periodic maintenance and automatic scheduling

Giving SCORE to drivers, according to correct driving behavior and timely handling of the car and determining the level of service for customers.

Recognizing the driving habits of actual customers and planning smarter, faster and cheaper after-sales services

Online monitoring of the quality of mass-produced car parts and equipment according to quality control indicators in real environments . Example : monitoring the performance of electricity, fuel, etc. systems on a large scale and creating statistical insights for research and development projects .

Using data to improve the quality of products and as a result adjust the costs of after-sales services, reduce face-to-face visits and increase the quality of warranty.

Two-way digital communication between car maker and car .

View thousands of cars in an organizational panel

Display the driver's name, license plate and car details on the panel for better and faster identification of the driver .

View the current position of cars on the map

It is possible to separate cars that are on and moving, on and in place, off and cars that are in an unknown place

Viewing the routes traveled and the speeds traveled and stops of cars by cars in the last 7 days

The ability to record car events as a portfolio

The possibility of remotely diagnosing cars

The possibility of separating and displaying cars that have technical errors

Display the type of technical error of each car with instructions to fix the error

Show of overdue car services

Show overdue periodical services of cars

Tabular display and display on the map of all the vehicles of the organization

Ability to display car details on the map

Ability to turn off the car at the supervisor's command

Clear the vehicle error code

Record the description for each driver for further processing and reminder to the supervisor

Analysis of each driver's driving behavior and SCORE to driving

- Estimate the number of drivers with a history of dangerous driving on the roads.

- Intelligent change of road rules according to the volume of traffic, weather conditions and the number of dangerous drivers.

- The use of smart driving signs that change on the roads according to weather and traffic conditions by artificial intelligence analysis.

- Warning of accidents to drivers who are on the road.

- Setting the refueling place and suggesting the best refueling place along the route.

- Checking the condition of the road and extracting information for timely handling of the roads.

- The possibility of using smart restraining rules to control the quality of roads.

- The possibility of encouraging drivers with quality driving experience.

- The payment of road tolls is charged according to the amount of vehicle travel.

- The possibility of controlling car emissions, or reporting the number of broken down cars and environmental damage caused by these cars and providing practical solutions to control it.

- Accurate registration of accidents, and information about crashed cars and sending information to insurance companies and the police and preventing roadblocks in small accidents.

- Using drivers' points to pay and service level of car insurances.

- Using drivers' points to apply traffic fines according to the history of committing traffic violations and the time and circumstances of the violation.

- Creating the infrastructure for the car spare parts market and quick access to the required parts according to the car conditions. This infrastructure will help the development of the car spare parts market and the speed of handling the car.

- The new market for buying and selling used cars according to the smart car records.

Equipping the car with the Internet and the capabilities provided by equipping the car with the Internet are very valuable and practical. By connecting the cars to the Internet by the Piod gadget, it is possible to enjoy valuable and new facilities like the most up-to-date cars in the world. By extracting car ECU data, Piod provides practical facilities for users, which will reduce the possibility of car breakdown. Also, the level of basic and correct handling of the car will grow significantly, which will lower the maintenance costs of the car. Also, equipping the car with PID allows us to have the facilities of several different devices such as tracker, alarm, and diagnostic at the same time. It should be noted that there is no online and stable diagnostic equipment that is continuously connected to the car and does not cause problems for the car in the Iranian market.

It is obvious that by taking care of the car in time, which is possible due to the knowledge before the breakdown, it makes it possible to repair or replace the relevant part before the breakdown or damage to other parts of the car, which is important. It will save money and time and increase the useful life of the car. Timely periodic investigations, which will be possible with Piod notifications, and technical guidance that will lead to fundamental investigations, will directly reduce the costs of investigation and prevent damage to the car. In addition, users can always use the technical guidance of Piod support unit. Piod warnings include warnings related to all the information that the car's computer sends.

Piod is a device that is compatible with all Iranian and foreign cars, and this is due to the fact that all the standards of the world have been used for the design and construction of this device, and it does not damage the performance of the car under any circumstances, and it has the ability to be permanently be connected to the car and exchange car data. By connecting to the car, Piod sends the ECU information of the car permanently to the Piod server, and the Piod server, by monitoring the car's information, informs the users of all possible car breakdowns through the application, and this makes the users aware of the failure sooner. understand the car and take the necessary measures to fix it. It is important to note that all warnings to users must be in Persian and accompanied by necessary explanations.

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Piod, intelligent car management

Currently, the Piod application is developed for end users. Car owners can turn their car into a smart car and enjoy the benefits of a smart car by equipping their car with a Pied device. By using a smart car equipped with PIOD, users can reduce their maintenance and repair costs and significantly increase the useful life of the car due to the correct use and control of PIOD.

Piod users can use the following links to download the application
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ردیاب پیود

About US :

We started our company ( Piodap ) in March 2019 and after about 3 years of working around the clock by a large technical team, we were able to create all that is needed for the development of this industry in various parts of the connected car industry. We did this policy precisely because we are not dependent on big companies so that we don’t slow down for development due to the need for other companies.

1. We managed to make a smart dongle for the connectivity of all types of cars to the Internet, which has the ability to send car data and even has the ability to analyze and check the obtained data before sending it.

2. Application for end users, organizational management panel, necessary infrastructure for the development of Smart Police Market for spare parts, Smart Police Market providing repair shop services based on the momentary needs of users, Smart Police Market issuing car health certificates for the second-hand car buying and selling market, below We have created smart advertisements based on the location and momentary needs of users.

3. We have also created all the necessary infrastructure for the development of AI and the development of smart cities, smart police, smart roads, etc.

Adress: no,28, st khaje abdolah, seyd khandan, TEHRAN, IRAN

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